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DEW Cleaners 12 Stage Cleaning Process

1) Inspection.

On arrival before any tools are brought into your home we will do an inspection of your carpet. We will determine what kind of carpet you have, for example if it’s Plush, Frieze or Berber. Then we will determine the fibre type, to see whether its natural or synthetic.  This will tell us what kind of solution we can use as we wouldn’t want to put a harsh chemical on your natural fibre carpet. We will ask about any stains that may be present, as this will help aid us to use the correct chemicals for the right stain. We will also make a note of high-traffic areas. The walk through is a good time to ask questions and talk to us about any concerns you might have.

This step is very important for informing you about what you can expect from the cleaning process.

2) Pre-Testing

A pre-test is done in an inconspicuous area to make sure there is no colour bleed from the carpet and the dyes are stable for cleaning.

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We invest in our technicians so they are fully trained in stain removal, hot water extraction cleaning, low moisture cleaning and stain protection.

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3) Vacuuming

We use a twin motor high-powered commercial vacuum cleaner that reaches deep down the pile to where all the soil and grit hide. Most normal household vacuum cleaners usually leave some of this behind. We spend a lot of time on this step, as it’s important to remove as much soil as possible before the hot water extraction, as it can turn into a mud like substance, making the cleaning process much harder. Did you know that up to 75% of soils in carpeting are dry soils that can be removed by simple vacuuming?

Vacuuming also removes small objects like grit and debris that can harm our machine.

4) Pre-Spray

We apply a pre-spray solution suited to the carpet type evenly over the entire carpet as this is the first step in breaking down the soils that are trapped deep down in the carpet pile.

5) Agitating the soils

Agitating the carpet is a key step in the cleaning process. We use a Sebo Duo 3000G pre-treatment agitator that has twin contra-rotating brushes which open up the carpet pile and work the pre-spray deep down to the soil that is trapped in the pile. This can sometimes help to lift the pile that has flattened down with traffic.

6) Dwell Time

After pre-spray has been applied and agitated deep down into the pile, we allow the solution to dwell in the carpet and break down the soils.


7) Extraction

We now extract the pre-spray and the soils from your carpet using an Airflex Storm, one of the most powerful portables on the market today costing over £5000.  It has a powerful 800psi pump fully adjustable, 2 x 6.6 vac motors (double the power of 2 x 3-stage standard motors used on most professional carpet cleaning machines, capable of 200ft hose without losing power. With the Magma inline heater with temperatures up to 110 degrees (instant, very hot water from cold water in the tank), will not only give a deep down clean but leaves them twice as dry as normal professional carpet cleaning machine

8) Rinse

It’s important that we restore your carpets back to their normal ph, so we add a fibre & fabric solution to the rinse, as this helps its long term health, helps with it’s colour brightness and helps reduce browning on light carpets. This is done in the same method as the extraction.


9) Spot Treatment

Sometimes the pre-spray solutions and pre-spotting cannot remove all the stains, especially the ones that are old and deep embedded in the pile. So we must use a special staining kit to help to breakdown these stubborn stains.

It is important to know that not all stains can be removed or even reduced. For example, if a previous staining agent destroys carpet dyes, there is no spotting solution that can bring that dye back to life. Also, some stains will only lighten up or appear reduced because, over time, stains become more permanent on carpeting.

10) Drying

Once we’re happy with the results, we’ll place our air movers on the carpet, We use air mover to assist in drying as the longer the carpets are left damp there is more chance of bacteria growing that can cause nasty smells.

Using air movers also allows your home to be back to normal sooner, which is important when you have a family to look after.

11) Raking
We groom the carpet to lift the fibres where possible so the fibres can breath and also to enhance the appearance.

12) Final Inspection

We will do a final Inspection, this is to make sure that everything is 100% to our Satisfaction and most importantly to yours as well…

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