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Selling your house? Can Professional Carpet Cleaning create a quicker sale…

Make The First Impression Count! Hire a Professionall Carpet Cleaning Company.

Whatever your reasons for selling your home, the trick is to sell your house at a price you are more than happy with, while avoiding it sitting on the market for too long. Traditional means of maximising profits include extra bedrooms, garage conversions, updated bathroom suites and fresh kitchens and all are proven to add value to your property.


Unfortunately, we don’t all have the extra cash to completely update our homes, especially when we are trying to sell them on. However one simple thing can add value and make your house more appealing to potential buyers.


As soon as a viewer steps into your home, they will look where they are walking, and a dirty or smelly carpet can be a turn-off as soon as they enter. Interior design and colour schemes always differ from person to person, but dirty carpets are an obvious no-no. Straight away the buyer is mentally subtracting carpets off your asking price and getting an immediate negative vibe.


This is important as replacing carpets can usually run into thousands of Pounds, an expense you don’t need if you believe they need replacing when trying to sell your house, and something you don’t want the buyer to start calculating either.


Help is at hand however. Before rushing out and buying all new carpets for your home why not take the time to get your carpets professionally deep-cleaned for a fraction of the cost of replacing them. A professional deep-clean prior to advertising your house will help restore their vibrancy, remove or minimise any spots or stains and help eliminate any bad odours that you have got used to, but that a stranger will pick up on immediately.


And the best thing is, any potential buyer will receive a good first impression when walking into your house. If they don’t notice the carpets its one less thing that they will be mentally replacing and factoring costs before potentially making an offer.


If you are considering putting your house on the market, DEW Cleaners offer Professional Carpet Cleaning in Durham, Darlington, Barnard Castle, Middlesbrough and all surrounding areas.


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